About My Projects

I'm currently working on a range of projects making use of hard earned domain knowledge gained during my other careers. Thus, many of my projects in some way relate to my background in Film or Geophysics.

Since I'm not a full-time developer or engineer, progress can often be slow, depending on my schedule. However the broad range of life experience that I do have does provide inspiration for problems that I can solve.

About Me

Scientist. Filmmaker. Maker.

Originally trained in the field of Geophysics at the University of Southampton, my path has led me though the media world (including studies at the National Film and Television School). Accordingly, I have an exceptionally broad range of experiences under my belt.

I've also been something of a Maker for a few years, having been a regular attendee of both the South London Makerspace and Hack London. I've helped fit a railway arch to become a functional workshop and tried my hand at resin casting. I'm a dab hand with both a drill and a soldering iron. I hope to eventually turn my hand to machining and welding.

More recently, I've been experimenting with coding. First learning through CodeAcademy and DataCamp, I've since contributed to open source projects and Kaggle competitions.