Arduino ECG

I’m currently working on developing a Arduino based ECG platform, with the eventual goal of being able to measure blood potassium from ECG patterns using machine learning.

This project requires the interfacing of the Arduino with a computer, using python. Accordingly, I’m contributing to the open source project: Neurokit2, which features many ECG processing tools, but currently lacks a serial interface.

Libarys and techniques:


COVID Alcohol Sales Analysis

As I suspect we all know, sales of alcohol spiked during the first month of the COVID lockdown. But by how much?

Since alcohol sales are subject to a separate duty, we’re able to estimate the alcohol sales from the governments alcohol builtin.

Libarys and techniques


Hard Drive Indexer

This project aims to create an open source app, designed to index external hard drives on both Windows and OSX platforms. Its designed to be useful to filmmakers, photographers and other independent professionals, minimising duplication and tracking backups.

This solution should permit multiple client apps to sync to a single SQL database, which can be server or locally stored. It should also identify individual hard drives.

Librarys and techniques: