These are projects that have already been completed, along with potential follow-up ideas. I try to document my projects as thoroughly as possible - get in touch if you're interested in taking one of them into production.

Sound Recordist's Charging Case (Proof of Concept)

Many sound recordists, along with media professionals in general, carry their equipment in protective hard flight cases, often of the ubiquitous Peli brand. However, after a long day's shooting, the last thing a recordist wants to think about is opening the case, removing the chargers/batteries, and separately plugging each in. Worse, more than one project has been delayed after a member of crew has left their batteries behind charging.

To solve this problem, I created a case where the chargers are permanently contained inside the case, and instead the entire case is plugged into the wall. An industry standard IEC connector was installed into the side of the case, connecting to a modified surge protector. The various chargers were plugged into this strip. Not only is this convenient, but also provides the advantage only needing a single adaptor (or local IEC cable) when travelling abroad.

As to the protection and organisation the case needs to provide, I created a grid of stiff but slightly forgiving walls. These were built from two layers of twin-wall plastic sheets cut into nets with orthogonal corrugations. Add in some foam around the sound recorder itself and velcro zip-pouches on the rest of the lid, and the result is quite neat!


Next Steps

I would very much like to expand this into a range of cases, suitable for cameras, other sound devices and potentially even gallery / streaming equipment. Perhaps even an integrated portable desk.

During these further projects, I plan to switch from hand operated techniques to computer aided. I will use a laser cutter to cut the nets with millimetre precision and a router (with jig) to install the plug.